The guide for financial advisors and professional investors on how to embrace a strategic debt approach to personal wealth management

A New York Times and USA Today best seller.

#2 on the Top 10 business books of 2013 by



#2 on the Top 10 business books of 2013 by

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Strategic Debt Philosophy: An Overview

Learn the five tenets of a strategic debt philosophy.

Chapter 2

The Basic Idea: Limiting the Costs, the Impacts, and the Duration of Financial Distress

Take advantage of your indebted strengths to help diminish the impact of financial distress.

Chapter 3

Strategic Debt Practices: An Overview

Gain a deeper understanding of the real-world techniques and how they can benefit you and your family.

Chapter 4

The Value of an Asset-Based Loan Facility

The one thing you must consider to be prepared for emergencies and take advantage of opportunities.

Chapter 5

Long-Term Wealth Amplification through Capturing the Spread

How borrowing money while continuing to invest money can create a return on investment that is higher than the cost of the debt.

Chapter 6

Holistic Financing of the Expensive Things You Need and Want

It’s not about buying things you can’t afford. It’s a better way to finance the things you already can afford.

Chapter 7

Generating Tax-Efficient Income in Retirement or Divorce

Address life circumstances that can often be a source of financial stress.

Chapter 8

Conclusion: What This Book Is Really About

You have challenged conventional wisdom. Time to decide if these ideas can help maximize your wealth, minimize unnecessary taxes, and be prepared for any crisis.

Appendix A

The Varieties of Debt

Get a breakdown of the different types of debt you’re likely to encounter in your life and their unique characteristics.

Appendix B

Strategic Debt Practices for the Young and Those with Limited Assets

Get ideas of what you can do if you don’t yet have sufficient assets to put the book’s primary ideas into practice.

Appendix C

No Guarantees: Limiting the Risks of Investing in a Crazy World

Understand the risks you could face and how best to be prepared.

Appendix D

Some Examples of Ideal Debt Ratios

Find the optimal debt ratio to work for you.

“While most financial firms today are able to deliver integrated solutions, truly integrated financial advice remains a scarce commodity. With The Value of Debt, Tom Anderson takes an important, balanced, and clear step toward filling this void.”

Lyle LaMothe Senior Partner at Left Hand Logic, LLC; former Head of Merrill Lynch U.S. Wealth Management February 22, 2017

The Series

Conventional wisdom advises people to pay off debt as quickly as possible. In The Value of Debt series, Tom Anderson turns this idea on its head and demonstrates how a strategic approach to debt can be used to your advantage. The books provide specific and actionable advice on how the effective management of both sides of the balance sheet can help establish your safety net, grow your personal wealth, support your dreams, and prepare for retirement.

Whether you are a financial advisor looking for ways to provide more holistic advice for your clients or an investor trying achieve your financial goals, The Value of Debt is the series to empower your future.

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