Praise for The Value of Debt series has come from fellow authors, academics, finance professionals, former federal regulators, and members of the media.

“The invention of debt fueled all of the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and Silicon Valley, and has resulted in almost every innovation and invention that man uses today. Nobody gets this. Tom Anderson gets this. A valuable book to understand a controversial topic.”

James Altucher

Bestselling author of Choose Yourself and The Power of No

“Given how many people get trapped in the cycle of oppressive, high-interest rate debt, it’s easy to dismiss all debt as inherently bad. The Value of Debt in Building Wealth shows us–both practically and mathematically– that the right kind of low-interest debt can help grow wealth. Debt can and should be used to invest in growth: a home, a business, or your own education, and if your return on investment exceeds the cost of debt. This book will give you a plan.”

Aaron Patzer

Founder of Mint.com

“Embracing debt can be a tough concept to overcome. In The Value of Debt in Building Wealth, Tom once again shows a way to break through the conventional noise by offering a thoughtful perspective grounded in proven financial theories on the strategic use of debt. Thought-provoking, digestible, and compelling, this book is for everyone who wants to get the most out of their money at each stage of their life.”

Dr. Mahendra Gupta

Geraldine J. and Robert L. Virgil Professor of Accounting and Management, and former Dean, Olin School of Business, Washington University

“Tom Anderson has skillfully addressed a difficult topic, namely how to make the case for the prudent use of debt by individuals in the context of wealth building and retirement planning. This task is not an easy one because, as the author notes, most individuals (and companies) are not really competent to use debt in a measured and prudent fashion. For those individuals, however, with the discipline and intelligence to use debt as a means of adding liquidity and leverage to a well-managed financial plan, this book is an invaluable guide that will inspire and enlighten its readers.”

Christopher Whalen

Author, Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream

“Anderson, a wealth management advisor, discussed with me how the right kind of debt can help complement one’s assets. His book offers a bold point-of-view on debt as being a strategic asset in the management of individual and family wealth.”

Casey Dowd

Columnist, FoxBusiness.com

“Trying to achieve financial success without using one side of the balance sheet is like trying to swim without using one of your arms: you’ll survive, but you won’t be winning any races. Tom has explained how to strategically and prudently use debt to build wealth and live a better life.”

Raj Date

Former Deputy Director, U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Managing Partner, Fenway Summer Ventures

“There is a wealth of deep knowledge in finance on the value of debt for both corporations and individuals and how the judicious use of debt can ensure that its benefits exceed its costs. However, much of this knowledge remains within academia and is not readily accessed by households and individuals who have much to learn from it. Tom’s book does a great service by taking this knowledge, combining it with his own vast experience in financial markets, and presenting it in a refreshingly new and persuasive way. It should be a valuable tool for people who want to learn how to optimize the way they use both sides of their balance sheets to build and preserve their wealth for a better life.”

Dr. Anjan Thakor

Director of Doctoral Programs, and John E. Simon Professor of Finance, Olin School of Business, Washington University 

“Tom encourages us to look at how using both sides of the balance sheet can help us achieve our goals. The real-world case studies will have you wondering why you’ve never heard about debt in this way before. You’ll close this book feeling more empowered about your financial future.”

Dr. Michael Gibbs

Clinical Professor of Economics, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

“If you are retired, get your hands on the book. It will open your eyes, especially if you have a puritanical aversion to debt.”

William Baldwin

Investment Strategies Editor, Forbes

“Controversial but nonetheless persuasive, Thomas J. Anderson’s book The Value of Debt in Retirement warns readers that debt, even the “enriching” variety, is not for everybody. But if you can handle the emotional and financial challenges of later-in-life debt, he says there is a way to “borrow smart” to increase your portfolio and liquidity — and your tax deductions.”

Eleanor O’Sullivan

Reporter, Financial Advisor Magazine

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